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Poem: Speak up your life (2 minute read)

Speak out as if your tongue has been stitched back again in your mouth.

Speak out as if you have the sweetest voice in your town.

Speak out as if your words can make all the baddies frown.

Speak out with an entirely new confidence that you’ve grown.

Speak out as if the grace of your words will efface all the evil from the world.

Speak out as if the air from your vocal cord can pacify all the cyclones.

Speak out as if the vibrations your voice produce makes the molecules of air dance.

Speak out as if your sentences can seal all those dirty wounds.

Speak out as if everyone is longing to hear you, even the unborn in the womb.

Speak out even if you are a prisoner of war.

Speak out to God as if it’s your last day in the church or mosque.

Speak out your thoughts, desires, pleasures, mishaps and delights.

Dude! Speak out your life.

Suck those dead memories from the dark graves of your mind.

Give them your voice.

Because you need to be heard

And that’s

Your birthright.

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LABOUR PAIN: Half minute read.

Akin to a mother who HAS to endure pain to give birth to her child, you too have to endure pain to give birth to your words.
You too have to deliver them on paper when you can’t bear them inside you.
Your thoughts should be drenched in ink, like a new born who’s drenched in blood.
You ain’t “just” a writer.

You are a “mother”of your blotted words.

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If you have to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm.

The day I was born

The day I was born,

the wind marched fast,

the sky turned grey

and the ocean despaired.

Clouds wrapped the sun

and groaned in high frequency.

Maimed the trees

by throwing electricity.

The water dragged

out of the edge,

assaulting the buildings

and the humans within.

There was a little kid who came

to meet me,

as he approached

I engulfed him completely.

After sometime, I started losing my breath

Maybe there was going to be a heart attack.

The sun peeped through

as the clouds gave way.

I bounced in the air

and flew away.

I was the storm,

as they say.

Life is an adventure. Don't run away from it.


When things go wrong
And your life is tough
When the moon loses its shine
And the sun sheds its charm
You gasp and gape
at destiny’s face.
Cursing the destined
to be your fate.
You need to know,
the circumstances you are in,
will help you grow
and atone your sins.
You need to know,
for a flower to bloom tomorrow,
it first has to survive the
storm of this night.
So don’t be sad
Rather be a little brave
Climb up the mountains which have been
in your life’s track
with valour and with might.


Punch first, punch hard

Cause I fight back. Do you?

I fight like a girl who refuses to be a victim.

I fight like a girl who’s tired of being ignored, humored, beaten or raped.

I fight like a girl who’s sick of not being taken seriously.

I fight like a girl who’s been pushed too far.

I fight like a girl who offers and demands respect.

I fight like a girl who has a lifetime of anger, strength, and pride pent up in her girly body.

I fight like a girl who fights back.

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She is a bitch: Story time

This makes the world so beautiful: Karma. Yeah, yeah you got that right. Karma, my dear Karma.  She’s underrated. She’s so less talked about. Never mentioned in the daily newspapers, not even on the hoardings (excuse me,why would anyone mention karma on hoardings!?! Umm, cause people don’t want others to know ANYTHING “good” for them. But karma is a bitch, right? So how can she be “good”?  I mean all bitches are bad. No. Karma is an exception.)

Well then, she’s much like that little mosquito flapping wings on our ears. It is crabby, annoying. Isn’t it? As soon as we try to crush it between our fingers, it manages to escape. But karma is not a mosquito. *Karma’s chuckling*

Let me say this, the world can never do justice to anyone, not even to her. Although she is just. Karma is not a bitch as folks say. Karma is the QUEEN bitch. *OMG she’s blushing now*

I dreamt one day, Karma dressed up in the outfit of a judge, the supreme court judge, I mean. Shielded with a black robe, a white shirt peeping through it and a white wig. Oh, I forgot the fancy hammer. (*Ahem ORDER ORDER*). Sorry my lord, its called a gavel.

What if all the judges and lawyers of the globe get replaced by Karma and its progenies? *justice delayed is justice denied* Yes. Karma is always late for the party. 99 of a 100 times. She takes time to dress up for the showdown. You know she’s a sexy celebrity. The underrated one.

Karma is gifted by God to everybody. She’s an indelible part of our lives. An invisible friend. I realised about her presence because she made me realise it. Knocking hard on my conscience at each step I raise. Inspite of all ifs and buts, this and that’s, she turns up.

There have been various incidents in my life after which I thanked God for endowing and showering blessings in the form of Karma on me. But this one, this one was a life changer.

It was Saturday. December 20th. I remember the date aptly because that day was “an interesting event” of my life. It was the season of fall. Crunchy air suspended itself in the space. The daylight shed a pinkish shade on my white bed sheet. Winter mornings are such an expanse of beauty. The day was just born out of the night. It was only 6:00 am. And it was Sam’s wedding, my best friend and my business partner. I had to reach the venue on time, me being a silly late bird. But not this time, its my best friend’s wedding! His special day. I dressed up in my track and off I went to the park to do some routine cardio and yoga in the fresh air. I came back and took a shower. Put on the neatly ironed blue shirt brought from Pantaloons last week. Then what? Pants on and in a minute a nice blue-green checkered tie sat crisply on my collar. Some gel to groom my hairs up and few splashes of my favourite perfume. Feet in the highly polished shoes, car keys in my hand, bouquet in my arms, the door locked behind me. Victory! Engine starts and I am off.

*Rewinding 10.2 seconds*

I see two high school kids fighting and beating each other, violently.  “I should go over and stop it. Its just 7 am and I am on time. I won’t be late. Few minutes up won’t do any harm.” I jumped in and separated both of them. They were tightly clung around each other. In the process, they stepped on my bouquet and messed up my shoes. It took a minute to calm them down and all three of us dismissed the assembly then and there. I sprung in my car’s seat. As I gazed in the side mirror, I witnessed the older boy hiding a sharp knife in his hoodie’s pocket, which would have been used by him to attack the other if at all I drove off.

I sped. It was just a five minute drive when I saw an old man fretting over the punctured tyre of his car. *No. I’ll be late. I have to be at the hotel and manage the arrangements also. But if Sam would have been at my place, he would have helped him* Fast forward 20 minutes. My hairs are dirty, my white shirt is no more white, my breath is stinking, windsor knot of my tie is now open, the tyre is replaced. Uncle is glad BUT I am late!!!

I turned the keys but the engine didn’t crank. Failing thrice. Luckily, luckily it picked up the fourth time. I sighed. My car was racing at the speed of 40 km/hr and I was panting inside it. It was a dull day till now. But things were going to be worse. It was drizzling. A broken tree trunk lay on the road blocking the path. *Atleast it’s not a human being this time.* I dragged it to the edge of the road and got the panel of my pant ripped by its serrated margin. *Voila!! WHY THE HELL DID I NOT JUMP OFF THE ROOF LAST WEEK* I was vexed and annoyed to death.

Though I still have nerves of steel but that day the steel melted away under the heat of the situation. Only nerves were left. I gathered my left over energy and turned the keys. But this time, this wretched time, the engine didn’t pick up. Tried and failed innumerable times. I was inside my car, intimidated because the weather was rough. Few cars were passing by. I prayed for lift. But NO ONE was humble enough to even look at me. Here I was. An utterly screwed up lad in a no man’s land. Heaven drops showering on me and MY LIFE, A HELLHOLE. I spent 3 hours just requesting for a lift. The irony being I spent my entire day helping people. Doing stuff for them, effacing harm and distress from their fate.  *Am I mad? Why was I being so selfless? I could have just let the kid get killed or that old uncle spend his entire day asking for help (hey wait, he didn’t even ask for help) just like I am right now.*

The headlights of a car flashed in my eyes. It slowed down and stopped beside my car. A middle-aged man was all ready to give me a lift back to my home. During the journey he told me that his father was struck on the road because his car’s tyre broke down. And a guy like me helped him. He said that kind people still exist. I was bewildered. I asked him about his father because I was sure enough it was that old uncle whom I helped in the morning. And the description matched. I rolled my eyes and told him that it was me who helped him and mentioned the entire story of this eventful day. He was so grateful to me and thanked me a million times. He wanted to return my favour, so he took me to his flat for the supper where I met the old uncle









and my wife. *KIDS, this is how I met your mother*.

Yes, I missed my friend’s wedding that day but that made a way to my wedding.

*my face is all red now. I am shy kind of guy. Ooowwwww*

Okay. Normal mode on, as I say, life is a boomerang. Whatever you throw out there, it will come back to you, inevitably, in ways unexpected. Even if you apparently think that good is not being done to you, Karma is writing it in your destiny. You will get whatever you deserve.

“Power is the ability to do good things for others.”

Be powerful.

Have patience.

Be satisfied.

Let Karma act.

Let it make the world beautiful.